All our programs are conducted and include speech pathologists and the wonderful occupational therapist, Josey Sharpe.

Social Skills program

A social skills program aimed at improving the children’s non-verbal (i.e. eye contact) and verbal communication skills. The program will be largely based on Social Thinking but will also include parts
of Alex Kelly’s Social Skills for Children program, PALS program, and Hanen ‘Talkability’. We will aim at helping the children to have the skills to make and maintain friends. This includes greetings, joining
in, having a go, following rules of games, starting and continuing conversations, understanding and communicating feelings (e.g. anxiety, anger), persevering with games and friends, recognising and
responding to feelings, dealing with conflict, cooperating, unstructured play, and improving eye contact.

The next Social Skills Program will be running in September 2017
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Literacy Skills Groups

Through the school holidays we will be running a literacy program, aimed at improving children's spelling and reading through phonemic awareness activities. Phonemic awareness skills assist children in identifying individual sounds in words and blending them into words in order to read and spell. The program will target counting syllables, producing rhyming words, identifying letter and their sounds, and segmenting (splitting) and blending (joining) sounds in words. The children will have the opportunity to learn through book reading and multi-sensory activities. At the completion of each session your child will be given a homework program that you can complete at home to continue developing their reading and spelling sounds.

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Transition to School program

A program to help children remember what is expected of them before commencing school. The program will involve a range of activities that will be rotated across the days and sessions. These activities will address school readiness and include conversation skills, listening skills, fine motor skills (e.g. writing), reviewing basic concepts (e.g. colours, shapes, numbers), play skills, and identifying expectations for school (i.e. routines, homework).

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Communication is one of the biggest challenges that a child who has Autism Spectrum disorder will ever face. At NSLS, we understand the frustrations that these children’s parents feel. We have investigated many of the differing therapy techniques that exist to help a child with Autism learn to communicate and interact socially.

We love the programs that The Hanen Centre have produced! The focus is placed on teaching parents to take advantage of everyday situations to teach their child the invaluable skill of communication. This works so well! Everyday situations are far easier to use as a teaching tool rather than formal set homework activities that are so easily forgotten to be done due to the time constraints of the busy lives that we lead.

Hanen programs are world renowned and have a high level of evidence based practice supporting its use with children with communication delay and Autism Spectrum Disorders. These programs are based on the premise that parents are the best possible teachers and that by giving them the right training and 'tools of the trade' a greater level of achievement can be seen in both the child and the parent.

Our speech therapists all incorporate the principals of Hanen programs into our therapy practice. All our therapists are trained to administer the Hanen parent program ‘More Than Words’ (MTW). Several of our therapists are trained to administer ‘It Takes Two to Talk’ (ITTT) and ‘Talkability’ (TA).

ITTT is catered to assist parents with communication disorders including complex communication needs such as Down's Syndrome.

MTW is catered specifically for parents with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is aimed to assist children five years and under, however, parents of children with low functioning children (many of whom attend support classes at school) would also benefit from participating in this program.

Talkability caters specifically for parents of children of the TalkAbility Program teaches parents practical ways to help their child “tune in” to the thoughts and feelings of others by paying attention to non-verbal cues such as body language, facial expressions, eye gaze, and tone of voice. The child is taught to consider other people’s points of view and to have empathy for others. These skills are so important for having successful conversations and for making friends.

A more detailed outline of the program can be found on the Hanen website.


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Social Skills Program

A program aimed at improving a child's non-verbal and verbal communication skills

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Literacy Skills Program
A program aimed at improving children's spelling and readhing through phonemic awareness activities

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